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Frankie the cat
Infinaut #1

Welcome to the CATalogue of a CATegorically CATaclysmic conCATenation.

The Infinite Cat Project is about one cat watching another (see below). A long line of 1821 cats, so far. The very first Infinaut is Frankie, seen at left admiring a flower. He is (was) the owner of Paul Hamilton. In addition, the ICP also offers all KINDs of other cat-related diversions every day like comics, art, and videos. Check 'em out!

If you'd like to add your own fuzzy friend to the Infinite Queue you can find all the details here. Or just take a picture of your kitty watching Puma, below, and email it to me. It's just that easy.

Mewsings, October 18, 2018: "Everything I know I learned from my cat: When you're hungry, eat. When you're tired, nap in a sunbeam. When you go to the vet's, pee on your owner." - Gary Smith

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Gratuitous Kute Kittiness: Meet the new neighbors.

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- Love, The Management.

Miffy the cat

Our latest Infinaut, Cat #1821: Miffy watching Moe Moe watching Seamus & Finnegan...

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Cat Mewvie: Nora, the concerto kitty.


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Today's Cat Comeek

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Cat Art: "The Gang is Ready" by Peener Pan.

cat sees rat

Farewell, my Scar.
by Mike "Infinite Cat" Stanfill

No one ever officially designated me as a "crazy cat cartoonist" but there was a time, only a few of years ago, when I kept the company of at least eight cats, seven of whom were pitch black. These were my Horde, all fated to someday protect the world from the inevitable zombie legions.

Alas, they couldn't even save the world from Donald Fucking Trump or, at the very least, themselves as one-by-one they succumbed to a more varied assortment of ruination that I could have thought possible. Cancer, diabetes, dog attack, old age, they all took their toll. As of last week I was down to three cats. As of last night, only two remained as I lost another little hordite.

That cat was Scar, and he deserves a moment of celebration as he was a special one. He was whip-smart and a friend to all kitties, though a nightmare to any stray dog that eyed his food bowl. And if a cat could be said to have charisma then Scar most certainly had it as all moggies, especially the lady cats, strove to nap by his side.

In short, Scar was cool. He was the Sinatra of cats. Minus the mafia baggage, that is.

He arrived at my feeding station back in 2005, half-grown and hungry. I easily caught him in my humane trap but he fought so mightily to escape that he split his scalp open, thus the name "Scar". I soon had him neutered and then released him expecting never to see him again. But he stayed, knowing a sucker when he saw one.

He was doomed to be an outdoor cat all his life because, even though neutered, he marked his territory with all the ferocity of a firehose. But he was perfectly happy outside and whenever I'd spend a moment giving him a good scratch he'd gently grab one of my fingers and give it a soft chew in appreciation. Man I loved that.

Things began going wrong about two months ago when I noticed he'd lost weight and was growing noticeably weaker. The diagnosis was Feline Infectious Peritonitis which is almost always a death sentence.

Goddammit. Thirteen is too young for this shit.

Two weeks ago he'd become so weak that I brought him inside the house, made him a place of honor and allowed him to eat all he wanted. This past Sunday afternoon I left to do some quick shopping but when I returned I found him stretched outin front of the door, as if waiting patiently for me to come home so that he might share his last breath with the one who loved him. Which he promptly did.

I've seen cats die before and it's sometimes a traumatic experience, but Scar just relaxed and let life slip away. I wouldn't have expected anything else from him.

The photo you see here was taken four days before his death and, even so, he was still a handsome beast. Even sick and weak he was still the same happy cat he'd always been, the one who always seemed to say "Hey, man. No worries. It's all good."

In my back yard grows a large oak tree. Ringing it is a small circle of stones, each marking the spot of each of my cats final places of rest. A fresh mound of earth, topped by a spray of dianthus, now cradles Scar's remains but it's not just a grave. It's a door to another cosmii, one in which he's with all his friends again.

Run free, little guy.

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My Infinite Gratitude

The following is a relatively short yet very heartening list of those who have contributed in support of the Infinite Cat Project over the years. In lieu of listing the names in any intelligent way I decided to post them alphabetically. It's not a perfect system, as those of you of Polish descent get the shaft again <grin> but at least it helps me keep the names straight.

In case you're wondering, names in white indicate donations of $5 or less, while green notates donations in excess of $10. The single listing in orange is for a very exceptional cat lover who recently earned the prestigious "Triple Kittyhead" for her generous and continuing support. (You know who you are and I want to have your children.)

M. Adam, S. Adams, L. Aimone, S. Almaguer, G. Ancell, M. Axtell, A. Bachman, D. Baker, O. Balaban, K. Berenson, H. Bielefeldt, T. Blassingame, P. Blassingame, A. Bolt, R. Bruner, J. Bullas, A. Chiang, M. Cogen, D. Conlin, B. Coren, M. Cracauer, D.Davis, M. Dawson, J. Delton, T. Devrick, J. Diamond, T. Dixon, C. Dofer, E. Dorfman, B. Dutton, E. Fitzpatrick, B. Fonteboa, E. Foss, B. Friesner, G. Garcia, M. Gordon, A. Greeley, A. Gunn, J. Hamblen, B. Harper, J. Hays, T. Henry, D. Herbert, A. Hertz, M. Hester, A. Hilbert, K. Hildebrandt, A. Hoger, P. Houser, V. Huston, , J. Ikeda, B. Jones, S. Jowett, P. Keachie, M. Knight, R. Kunz, D. Lawley, W. Lee, M. Lufkin, C. Lewis, K. MacKenzie, M. Mcgann, J. McGinnis, M. Mckercher, S. Melhuish, T. Miles, D. Morse-Kahn, A. Neduha, A. Nelson, L. Nevins, C. O'Brien, A. Ocean,, K. Orman, K. Otto, Pinky & Bunny, R. Owens, J. Pavlov, R. Perry, C. Phillips, H. Pirani, C. Plant, R. Poletto, K. Pride, D. Rakowski, R. Redman, R. Riitala, M. Ryan, W. Ryngwelski,  D. Sanders, M. Schluter H. Sherwood-Taylor, J. Sokel, S. Somero, M. Stabile, F. Street, J.P. Thompson, D. Thoms, G. Toland, C. Ullrich, J. van Luyt, A. Walls, J. Weisenfeld, K. Welles, B. Wilkinson, J. Williams.

I thank you and the cats thank you

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