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Frankie the cat
Infinaut #1

Welcome to the catalogue of a categorically cataclysmic concatenation.

The Infinite Cat Project is about one cat watching another (see below). A long line of 1812 cats so far. The very first Infinaut is Frankie, seen at left admiring a flower. He is (was) the owner of Paul Hamilton. The ICP also offers all KINDs of other cat-related diversions. Check 'em out!

If you'd like to add your own fuzzy friend to the Infinite Queue you can find all the details here. Or just take a picture of your kitty watching Chief, below, and email it to me. It's just that easy.

Mewsings: September 30, 2016 - "Don't think that I'm silly for liking it, I just happen to like the simple little things, and I love cats!" - Michelle Gardner

cute cat picture

Gratuitous Kute Kittiness: "Sorry, I haven't a square to spare."

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- Love, The Management.

Hugh the cat

Our latest Infinaut, Cat #1812: Hugh watching Carmen watching Cheetoh...

You can search our Infinite Cats in convenient 50-kitty groups.

Cat Mewvie: The Cat Man of Aleppo (See story below)

daily cat comic

Today's Kat Komic

cat art

Feline Art: "Two cats waking up". Artist unknown.

cat news

Aleppo Man Stays to Care For Stray and Abandoned Cats

SYRIA – Each morning, Mohammad Alaa Aljaleel drives to the local butcher shop and purchases $2.50 worth of meat scraps. On good days, the sympathetic proprietor will give Aljaleel a bit of a discount or even throw in some bits and bones for free. Along with everyone else in this part of Aleppo, Syria, the butcher knows Aljaleel isn’t purchasing the meat to eat himself but for 150 street cats—most of them former pets abandoned when their owners fled the city or were killed.

In the years since the Syrian civil war broke out in 2011, Aljaleel became his hometown’s unofficial feline caretaker. Shortly after the crisis began, the former electrician had an opportunity to take his wife and three children to Turkey, where he had a promise of working as a mechanic. But along with his family, he chose to stay behind to help those less fortunate than himself, not just people but also animals.

“I regard animals and humans in the same light,” he says. “All of them suffer pain, and all of them deserve compassion.”

As a lifelong cat lover, Aljaleel first noticed a few strays hanging around the rubble of a home destroyed by an airstrike. He somehow felt compelled to feed them. Soon five animals turned into 10, then 20—as he says, “cats always find out when there’s food around.”

He estimates now he feeds about 150 cats today Thirty of the cats now have names, including his favorite, Zorro the Noble.

“It brings the kids so much joy to play with them,” Aljaleel says. “I take great pride in the work I’m doing.”

Some might argue that Aljaleel’s time and resources would be better spent helping human victims of war. But the randomly few individuals and organizations that work with pets and other animals caught up in conflict zones firmly believe their efforts are more than worthwhile. Helping animals, they point out, helps people. Farmers’ livelihoods may be wrapped up in their livestock, while cats and dogs are often beloved members of the family. Many refugees have walked over 300 miles with their dogs or taken kittens aboard rafts headed for Greece.

As for the cats of Aleppo, their future is uncertain as is the future of Aljaleel.

“Every day, when I leave my house, I know I might not return,” he says. “In Syria, it’s only going from bad to worse.” Yet despite the escalating violence, he has no plans to leave or give up on the cats. Instead, he has aspirations of opening his own animal shelter and hospital. “I’m aware that other countries have lots more resources for animals, but here we don’t even have many good doctors, let alone veterinarians,” he says. “Although there is no such thing as animal shelters in Syria now, I dream of building one.”

Before travelling to the continent for your holidays, make sure you've filled out an EHIC Renewal form to keep you safe in Europe.

free kibble

Free Kibble for Kitties

All you have to do is go to, play a simple trivia game and the site donates kibble to needy animal shelters. It's free and you can play once a day, every day. They obviously make a few bucks for themsleves but it's clear that the majority of proceeds goes to the animals, so please stop in when you can.

PS, you can also totally send some kitty vittles with just a click at Just visit the site and press the big purple button. That's all there is to it. web designNeed a custom web site that's attractive, fast-loading, Google-friendly and, relatively-speaking, dirt cheap? Then see my friends at X-Site-D Web Creation. Tell 'em Mike sent ya!

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My Infinite Gratitude

The following is a relatively short yet very heartening list of those who have contributed in support of the Infinite Cat Project over the years. In lieu of listing the names in any intelligent way I decided to post them alphabetically. It's not a perfect system, as those of you of Polish descent get the shaft again <grin> but at least it helps me keep the names straight.

In case you're wondering, names in white indicate donations of $5 or less, while green notates donations in excess of $10. The single listing in orange is for a very exceptional cat lover who recently earned the prestigious "Quadruple Kittyhead" for her generous and continuing support. (You know who you are and I want to have your children.)

M. Adam, S. Adams, L. Aimone, S. Almaguer, G. Ancell, M. Axtell, A. Bachman, D. Baker, O. Balaban, K. Berenson, H. Bielefeldt, T. Blassingame, P. Blassingame, A. Bolt, R. Bruner, J. Bullas, A. Chiang, M. Cogen, D. Conlin, B. Coren, M. Cracauer, D.Davis, M. Dawson, J. Delton, T. Devrick, J. Diamond, T. Dixon, C. Dofer, E. Dorfman, B. Dutton, E. Fitzpatrick, B. Fonteboa, E. Foss, B. Friesner, G. Garcia, M. Gordon, A. Greeley, A. Gunn, J. Hamblen, B. Harper, J. Hays, T. Henry, D. Herbert, A. Hertz, M. Hester, A. Hilbert, K. Hildebrandt, A. Hoger, P. Houser, V. Huston, , J. Ikeda, B. Jones, S. Jowett, P. Keachie, M. Knight, R. Kunz, D. Lawley, W. Lee, M. Lufkin, C. Lewis, K. MacKenzie, M. Mcgann, J. McGinnis, M. Mckercher, S. Melhuish, T. Miles, D. Morse-Kahn, A. Neduha, A. Nelson, L. Nevins, C. O'Brien, A. Ocean,, K. Orman, K. Otto, Pinky & Bunny, R. Owens, J. Pavlov, R. Perry, C. Phillips, H. Pirani, C. Plant, R. Poletto, K. Pride, D. Rakowski, R. Redman, R. Riitala, M. Ryan, W. Ryngwelski,  D. Sanders, M. Schluter, H. Sherwood-Taylor, J. Sokel, S. Somero, M. Stabile, F. Street, J.P. Thompson, D. Thoms, G. Toland, C. Ullrich, J. van Luyt, A. Walls, J. Weisenfeld, K. Welles, B. Wilkinson, J. Williams.

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