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Infinite Cat Project Archives for September 10-14, 2018.

Mewsings, September 10, 2018: "Animals are such agreeable friends - they ask no questions, they pass no criticisms." - George Eliot

cat wearing eggplant hat

Gratuitous Kute Kittiness: "Eggplants of the world unite!"

Cat Mewvie: Happy munchkin poofball.


batman meets catwoman comic

Today's Kitty Komic

giant cat photo

Feline Art: "Giant" photo art by Fransditaa.

cat picture

Pet your cat for better mental and physical health

Cat lovers rejoice - your feline friends may be positively affecting your physical and mental health.
Here are some scientifically-backed reasons, as compiled by

1. Better well-being

An Australian study has found that cat owners have better psychological health than people without pets. According to its questionnaires, respondents claim to feel more happy, more confident, less nervous and more focused, as well as face problems in their lives better.

Another survey, conducted in Scotland and involving 2,200 kids aged 11 to 15, found that those who have strong bonds with their cats have higher quality lives.

According to the survey, the stronger the level of attachment between a child and their pet cat, the more likely they are to be more fit, energetic, attentive and less sad and lonely. Children who are close to their cats also better enjoy alone time, whether relaxing or at school.

A separate study reported that people with cats experienced fewer negative emotions and feelings of seclusion than people without cats. Singles with cats were recorded as having bad moods less often than people with a cat and a partner.

The benefits are not limited to just cat owners, as internet cats were also found to have a positive impact. Another study found that people who watch cat videos online reported that they feel fewer negative emotions afterward (less anxiety, annoyance and sadness) and more positive feelings (more hope, happiness and contentment). However, researchers noted that the pleasure becomes a guilty one when done in the purpose of procrastination.

2. Less stress

A study that looked at 120 married couples in their homes, observing how they would respond to stress and whether cats had any impact, found that cat owners did better in the face of a series of stressful tasks.

Participants in the study were hooked up to heart rate and blood pressure monitors as they were put through tasks, including subtracting three repeatedly from a four-digit number and then holding their hand in ice water. They carried out the task while in a room alone, in a room with their pet cat roaming around, in a room with their spouse to offer moral support, or in a room with both their pet and spouse.

Cats were found to be a source of calm. Before the tasks began, the study found that cat owners had a lower resting heart rate and blood pressure than people who did not own any pets. Meanwhile, cat owners also did better during the tasks, looking calmer while making fewer errors, as well as recovering faster physiologically afterward.

3. Better relationships

A research study published by the American Psychological Association found that cat owners are more socially sensitive, trust other people more and like other people more than people who do not own pets.

Those who identify themselves as a cat person are more likely to think that other people like them compared to someone who is neither a cat nor dog person.

" Positive feelings about dogs/cats may engender positive feelings about people, or vice-versa," said Rose Perrine and Hannah Osbourne of Eastern Kentucky University.

4. Health

A study that followed 4,435 people for 13 years found that people who had owned cats in the past were less likely to die from a heart attack during that period in comparison to people who had never owned cats. The study also accounted for other risk factors, including blood pressure, cholesterol, smoking and body mass index.

The researchers further explained that it also remained true of people who did not have cats currently, suggesting that cats could be a sort of preventative medicine.

Mewsings, September 11, 2018: "No tame animal has lost less of its native dignity or maintained more if its ancient reserve. The domestic cat might rebel tomorrow." - William Conway

cat with paw out.

Gratuitous Kittiness: "No pictures!"

Cat Mewvie: Pure ecstacy.


bad luck cat comic

Today's Kitty Komic

begging cat art edward bawden

Feline Art: "Begging Cat" by Edward Bawden.

Mewsings, September 12, 2018: "One of the ways in which cats show happiness is by sleeping."
- Cleveland Amory

cute gray kitten

Gratuitous Kittiness: This what 123% cute looks like.

Cat Mewvie: Ping-pong kitties.


submarine cat comic

Today's Kitty Komic: Catfish cannibalism

man with head in birdcage and cat art

Feline Art: "Fascinating" by Donna Rollins.

Mewsings, September 13, 2018: "A baited cat may grow as fierce as a lion." - Samuel Palmer

cat tearing up paper

Gratuitous Kittiness: "Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiit's PARTY TIME!"

Cat Mewvie: The Great Escape.


squirt bottle cat comic

Today's Kitty Komic

kitten climbing big ben

Feline Art: "Playing In Traffic" by Fransditaa.

Mewsings, September 14, 2018: "Women, poets, and especially artists, like cats; delicate natures only can realize their sensitive systems." - Helen M. Winslow

happy kitten face

Gratuitous Kittiness: "Yeah, well, this WAS your chair."

Cat Mewvie: Happy Cat Friday.


monster cat comic

Today's Kitty Komic

surreal cat art

Feline Art: "Cat Flood" by Danial Ryan.

cat picture

The Asheville Cat Wierdos saves lives.


When Veronica Coit created a community of feline fans called Asheville Cat Weirdos two years ago, she had no idea what impact it might have.

" Asheville's known for two things -- dogs and beer," Coit explained. "And I knew there were more people out there like me."

Coit and fellow "weirdo" Debbie Baumann are our Persons of the Week for spearheading the A.C.W. Emergency Fund.

More than 7,300 Facebook followers contribute to a cause close to their hearts -- helping owners who can't afford vet costs and face losing their pet.

"I'm lucky that I see first hand all the cats we can help get veterinary care that they wouldn't get otherwise," Baumann said. "We have saved hundreds of cats' lives."

"The need is there," Coit said.

Last year, the group spent $11,000 on care for 45 cats. They're on pace to more than double that this year.

"You just got to tell them that the life is saved, and that's family," said Coit, who's been in that position. "It's the worst decision you can be faced with. It's not fair."

"It's so nice to share the good news that our Asheville Cat Weirdo is community, is pulling together to save these cats," Baumann said.

The assistance means a lot to families, especially when considering the alternatives.

" Having to surrender or euthanize if I can't pay for this, so you just saved the life of a loved one," Coit said.

Veronica and Debbie are good friends and proud to be the cat ladies next door.

"That's Grandma," Veronica said as she introduced News 13 crews to her animals. "Well, that's my husband's girlfriend, and that is her name."

Debbie's known to wear catty accessories as part of an ensemble.

"I have like 50 pairs of cat ears," she said. "Because I wear them all the time, and I like to match."

Baumann coordinates the group's bi-monthly cat pantry which provides food, litter, and medication to owners who need it.

Thanks to the social media community Coit created, fewer cats are left behind.

Cats named Pipsqueak, Peter Parker, Sweet Pea, and Lyra are among the success stories.

"It's nice to show them what they've accomplished, " Debbie says of the Asheville Cat Weirdo members.


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