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Infinite Cat Project Archives for January 20-24, 2020.

Mewsings for January 20, 2019: "If man could be crossed with the cat it would improve man, but it would deteriorate the cat." - Mark Twain

cat wearing visor

Gratuitous Kute Kittiness: "Someone call a vet 'cause I'm sick AF."

Cat Mewvie: The temple of cats.


cat on computer  comic

Today's Kitty Komic

white cat painting

Feline Art: "White Cat" by Shrimpu.

Mewsings for January 21, 2019: "Cats are designated friends." - Norman Corwin

horny cat pillow

Gratuitous Kittiness: "Whaddaya mean by 'horny'? Dude, you're the one that cut my nuts off."

Cat Mewvie: Fluffy vs. Krispy Kreme.


cat attack comic

Today's Kitty Komic

graphic cat art

Feline Art: "Pointy Cat", artist unknown.

Mewsings for January 22, 2019: "Cats seem to go on the principle that it never does any harm to ask for what you want." - Joseph Wood Crutch

white cat cute feet

Gratuitous Kittiness: "Don't I haz the cutest li'l feets?"

Cat Mewvie: "Chairs are haaaaaaaaaaard."


puffy angry cat comic

Today's Kitty Komic

sleeping cats art

Feline Art: "Sleepers" by Kamwei Fong.

Mewsings for January 23, 2019: "Civilization is defined by the presence of cats." - Unknown

excited cat

Gratuitous Kittiness: Target: Acquired.

Cat Mewvie: The Yelling Cat says.....


angry cat comic

Today's Kitty Komic

cat tattoo arm

Feline Art: Cat tattoo.

Mewsings for January 24, 2019: "One of the most striking differences between a cat and a lie is that a cat only has nine lives." - Mark Twain

cone of shame cat

Gratuitous Kittiness: "Earth to human. Feed me!"

Cat Mewvie: Waaaaaaaaaaait for it....


hungry cat comic

Today's Kitty Komic

cat and goldfish art

Feline Art: "The Cat and the Fish", artist unkbown.

cat news

Cat News & Notes for January 20-24, 2020.

Washington, DC program hopes to save cats by counting them.

Feral cats break into body farm and, uh, chows down.

Two cats have been waiting at pet shelter six years for their forever home.

The stray cat with crocheted ears.

This cat needs a home, but she's a big jerk.

How to keep your indoor cat happy.

A cat named Rover.

Forget the Royal Family. There's cat chaos and controversey across Britain.


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