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 Cat Comics 0

The Infinite Cat (Comics) Project

Presented by Mike Stanfill, Private Hand
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Tiger: They train me to perform, then when I try to show off what I really do best, everybody goes ballistic. - Bizarro
This is kitty food storage. This is kitty warmer. This is kitty toy. Actually, evertthing is kitty toy. - Sinfest
Cat dentist: This time, let's see if you can spit without the hiss. - Mark Parisi
Hi, Dr. Elizabeth? Yeah, uh... I accidentally took the Fourier transform of my cat. - xkcd
Dryer with "cat fud" written on it. Dog: "Oh please, oh please..." - The Far Side.
Hallmark of Felinity #31: Sudden Noise Sensitivity. - 9 Chickweed Lane
Hallmark of Felinity #32: Attentive to guests. - 9 Chickweed Lane
Hallmark of Felinity #33: Sun worship. - 9 Chickweed Lane