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Cat Comics 17

I've been feeling obedient

let the cat out

will destroy furniture for food

cat ate computer mouse

cat bumper stickers

cats with string

the cat whisperer

declaw the cat


The Infinite Cat (Comics) Project

Presented by Mike Stanfill, Private Hand
Illustration, Flash Animation, Web Design

Google Chow:
Lately, I've been feeling, well... obedient. - Off The Mark
Who says cats aren't smart enough to open doors?
Will ignore you and destroy your furniture for food.
It's going to take me a little longer to answer my e-mails now....
I'd rather be napping. - S. Burns
Can I call you back? I'm with a piece of string.
Is there such a person as a cat whisperer?
Airport security: "We'll need to declaw the cat."