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The Infinite Cat (Comics) Project

Presented by Mike Stanfill, Private Hand
Illustration, Flash Animation, Web Design

Google Chow:
This ship is sinking. Time to make a break for it. - Sinfest
And though you are no longer with us, know that you will always be in our memories as a password. - Rhymes With Orange
The first and last take-your-cat-to-work day. - Rhymes With Orange
Any sufficiently adorable kitten is indistinguishable from a baby. - Diesel Sweeties
I will always be with you, my son. Now go forth and be awesome. - Sinfest
If you hadn't declawed me I wouldn't have had to learn to use the chainsaw. - Bizarro
Which finger shall I attack first? - 9 Chickweed Lane.
When a possible solution to the unified theory of the cosmos occurs. - 9 Chickweed Lane