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Cat Comics 32

where'd the kitty go comic

babies and cats

cats always read the menu, Bizarro.

the house heating machine. Sinfest.

the coldest kitty. Sinfest

the fluffiest kitten ever. A softer world.

moving day at the schrodinger house.

cat on the keyboard. 9 chickweed lane


The Infinite Cat (Comics) Project

Presented by Mike Stanfill, Private Hand
Illustration, Flash Animation, Web Design

Google Chow:
Where did the kitty go? - Girls With Slingshots
Babies and cats - Girls With Slingshots
Cats always read the menu first. - Bizarro
The house heating machine. - Sinfest
The coldest kitty. - Sinfest
The fluffiest kitten ever. - A Softer World
Moving day at the schrodinger house
Cat on the keyboard. - 9 chickweed lane