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Cats With Gas

Pet owners often struggle when their pets have gas problems. Rest assured, pet flatulence is a problem that is fixable. The most common cause is food. Know what to watch for.

Some gas is normal. If the problem is noticeable then there is probably more to it. The first thing to check is that the cat is on good food. Many commercial cat foods contain a lot of filler and very little actual meat. The filler is hard on your cats digestive system. When a food contains a lot of filler, the cat must eat a lot more food to get is proper level of nutrition. Another problem is the fat content in the food. Lower quality foods uses a bit of a trick. They use fat to give the cats a shiny coat, because most owners think a shiny coat = a healthy cat = good food. But the fat is hard on the kitties tummy. Coupled by the fact he or she has to eat more food, and eats more hard to digest filler (corn), and you have a problem.

A simple way of checking for filler is looking at the ingredient list on your food. If corn is the first ingredient, or anything other than an actual meat, then chances are that is your problem. Remember cats are carnivores. The first ingredient in a cat food should always be a meat source, Chicken meal, lamb meal, or turkey meal, being the best. If your cat food contains any By-Products you can be certain it is low quality food. By-Products are often the indigestible beaks, feet, and feathers. If you switch your cat slowly to a better quality food you should notice less of a problem, and you will have less mess in the litter box as a bonus too.

Also look for the ingredient Yucca, which is an ingredient for odor control. Typically foods purchased at grocery stores are not high quality foods. Your best place to look for better quality foods are the independent stores, groomers or even livestock feed stores. Read the ingredient list for yourself because all foods tell you they are good.

Feeding a cat a food that is too rich for it may also be a problem. This could be if you are feeding kitten food to an adult cat, or feeding too much people food to the cat. Milk can contribute to these problems as well, after all most cats are lactose intolerant. Cats should really never be given any dairy products.

It is a good idea to have a gassy cat dewormed by a veterinarian. Parasites contribute to intestinal issues, and over the counter worming products do not kill all types of worms. Parasites are more of a problem in cats allowed outdoors to catch mice, or who are exposed to other kitties.

If you cannot find a problem with your pets diet you should have a vet check him or her. Some internal problems are quite serious and you should make sure this is not a symptom of a bigger health issue. As a final note I remember hearing of a cat with gas so bad his owners named him Chicago…

The windy kitty.

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