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pregnant cat

So You Have a Pregnant Cat

When the time of cat pregnancy birth comes closer, it is important for you to prepare yourself for the arrival of the kittens. Generally most of the cats are able to accomplish the birth of kittens without human intervention. Still as a proud cat owner, you would not like to leave your cat alone if something unexpected occurs during the birth process. This article helps to prepare for the birth of kittens.


Before going into details about preparations for the cat pregnancy birth, it is important to know the exact time of birth since you want to be present around that time. The following are the signs that are seen when your cat is ready to deliver her kittens:

• She will become restless and start rooting around the clothes or blankets. This is when she starts her nesting activities.
• Generally cats stop eating a day before cat pregnancy labor begins.
• Generally they become quieter though some become over noisy too.
• She starts leaking and cleaning her stomach as well as rectal area very vigorously.
• When there is a mucous discharge, this is the time when you should confine her into a room with nesting boxes.
• She starts straining herself.
• The contractions start coming and her breathing increases noticeably.


When above symptoms are shown, you know that your cat is ready for cat pregnancy birth. The following is a list of items you will need to assist her in the birthing process:
• Lots of clean towels. You can use soft cloth diapers also. You can cut them up into smaller pieces beforehand.
• Sterilized gloves.
• You would require large towels to be kept inside the nesting box. You need to make the kittens dry after cat pregnancy birth.
• Baby ear bulb plugs or syringes they are needed to clean the mucous from the kittens mouth and nose.
• Dental floss to tie the umbilical cord. You can use Betadine scrub to apply to the cut cord.
Sterilized scissors to cut the umbilical cord, although the cat cuts her cord herself almost every time.
• If it is a cold weather, you need to have a pet heating pad ready. Do not try to use your own heating pad; it may burn the kittens delicate skin.
• Bowls of hot and cold water each.
• You need to prepare a cardboard box lined with lots of shredded paper and warm blankets or towels. This comes in handy to keep the kittens once they are dried out after the birth. This box gives them the warmth needed.

Above all, do keep your vets phone number handy. In case of any emergency just call him. Cat pregnancy birth is something you need to be well prepared for. Be responsible enough to handle any serious emergencies as well.

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