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kiki-the acupuncture kitty

Kiki, the Acupuncture Kitty
December 17th, 2008

A cat that suffered asthma and a cough for three years has been cured, after her owner shunned traditional treatments and gave her pet a course of acupuncture.

South African alternative therapist Virginia Sanders turned to needle-based treatment to help her eleven-year-old Siamese cat Kiki.

Kiki had been given cortisone injections for her asthma but Ms Sanders was worried this might eventually damage the moggie's liver.

She approached a holistic veterinarian who recommended the unconventional treatment.

'KikI received acupuncture treatment, which will help her body to heal itself,' Ms Sanders said.

'She has already received three treatments, and her condition has improved a lot.   She still has a few "old person's" problems, like a stiff back.'

According to vet Dr Barry Hindmarch, alternative treatments can be used on animals to relieve skin problems, chronic arthritis, kidney problems and cat AIDS.

'Infertile horses have been treated with homeopathic methods, and even livestock like cows with infections in their udders can be treated,' he added.

Hindmarch says nature's gifts are used to supplement conventional medicine.
'The animal is being treated holistically,' he says. 

'We look at it's medical history, natural diet, surroundings, and we try to figure out a natural option. Animals also have emotional problems.  They grieve, get anxious, some get traumatised, and then it makes a big difference treating them holistically.

'All conventional treatment methods are exhausted before we decide on a holistic method.

With alternative medication we try to improve the animal's quality of living.'

kiki the acupuncture kitty

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