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A Review of An Artifical Inseminator, on
by P. Breakfield

"Nothing but the best!" is our motto when it comes to Fluffy, our long-haired tasmanian cat. We decided that it would be cruel and inhumane to subject her to "molestation" by an unfamiliar tom-cat, so we decided to use the artifical insemination method instead.

We arranged with a local breeder to obtain some high quality DNA for breeding and we carefully read the instructions and prepared for the big event. We even bought fluffy her favorite kitty food and let her have a little wine before we began the procedure.

Well, four bandaids, a tetanus shot and a dozen "Missing Cat" signs posted in the neighborhood and our family is back to normal. Turns out Fluffy is a BOY CAT. Who knew?

We are selling the Artificial Insemination Kit on Amazon as "slightly used" so if you are looking for one, check there for a bargain!

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