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Hex, the six-legged cat

Hex, the 6-legged Cat

Hex was born March, 2008 in Cooper City, Florida with a partially developed twin growing out from his abdomen. Surgery to correct the deformity was expensive but generous contributions from the internet community raised all the money he needed.

In the end, the strain of surgery proved to be too much. On the page chronicling the story of his too-short life his owners left a small and touching prose poem, which I share with you now:

We were supposed to be two, but I was born the only one, with half of my brother still holding on strong.

We tried to get help and sought to repair this tangled body that somehow we shared.

Though the doctors fought hard and worked past being tired, we did what we could do, but we grew Oh, so tired.

Now we know there can't be one without the other, here we'll stay attached to one another.

Knowing that all prayed for the best here we lay together for this long eternal rest.

We thank you for your prayers, your support, and your love.

Until we meet again in the heavens up above.

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