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The Story of Precious & Irish - by PuppyLove

Precious is the white cat on the left. She was a good and loving addition to our family for 16 years before Irish came to us. (He is the black cat on the right. Pure black with beautiful green eyes - what else could we name him? HeeHee!)

Precious became blind about a year before we found Irish. She had, in fact, developed cancer in her right eye and lost the eye shortly before Irish came to live with us. During that year we kept Precious in a protected environment so she could get around safely, but she spent most of her time sitting by the door, attempting to get outside numerous times daily.

When Irish joined our happy throng as a baby, he immediately latched on to Precious as a substitute Mommy. We watched her groom him and train him. They slept together and became totally bonded. What was amazing was that as Irish grew to adulthood he became Precious’ “seeing-eye” cat. We could let both of them out into a protected back area outside and Irish would use his body to guide her safely from place to place. Irish never tried to leave the yard. In fact, he never left Precious’ side. They became an inseparable pair.

About two years after Irish joined our happy clan, Precious (now 18) suddenly weakened and passed away. We looked for Irish but couldn't find him. Frantically Don & I searched for him, even as we were preparing Precious’ little body for her funeral. We finally found Irish, about 8 hours later, curled-up in the top shelf of a bookcase, inside a basket. He had died, gone to be with Precious!

We checked his beautiful body and there were no marks or damage. We were stunned! There was no rational explanation for a healthy young cat to just die. But we are convinced that he had died of a broken heart.

Precious and Irish were buried together in our little private cemetary. Their memorial says, “Together in Life! Together Forever!”"

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