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sharks and cats

The Thing About Sharks And Cats - The Searcher

It was a few weeks after the sharks, and the flying. The panic was sinking in, the unreality, punditry, end of the world.. itry. After the initial safety broadcasts, safety broadcast ignorings, and such, there were the inevitable rash of dog eatings. But soon after, it was noticed that among the dog remains, there was something missing.

Cat remains.

Cats weren't being eaten, at least by sharks. Inexplicably, and of only mild slightly more than disinterest to cats, the sharks, for lack of a better word, liked them. But in the opposite of the desire to eat, sense. There was much discussion among the edible folk as to why. Much interest in studying cats, capturing and dissecting them, to learn why, was had. Except.

They had to first get past the sharks.

Image Copyright 2008 Derek Chatwood, all rights reserved.

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