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cat walkies in wales

Cat Walkies in Wales
Pembrokeshire, Wales, England

Jackie Morris is used to the odd stare when she takes her pets out for a walk. But it's not her dogs Bella and Floss that get the admiring glances, but rather her three ginger cats, Maurice, Elmo and Pixie, that accompany them.

The three cats often tag along on the four-mile walks by the Pembrokeshire coast in Wales. The intrepid moggies pick their way through moorland and even negotiate tricky stiles on the route. They also leap onto the sign posts, perhaps to check they are going in the right direction.

Their adoring owner Jackie said her cats were keen to come out in all weathers... but the preening felines didn't like muddy areas and avoided any bogs.

She said: "We do get a lot of people staring at us. Ramblers come up to us and say: 'But they're cats'.

And I say: 'Yes of course, they are cats.' No-one can quite believe that they really come walking with me. But they love it.

"Elmo likes to be in the lead, Maurice wanders off to look at things and runs up hills and gateposts, and Pixie likes to stand and stare at the view, or jump on you as you walk past.

"Once someone said to me: 'You're supposed to keep your dog on a lead.' And I had say: 'But he's a cat."

Jackie, who lives on a deserted clifftop near St. Davids in Pembrokeshire with her two children, said her cats had started tagging along when they were only four-months old. Jackie plans to continue walking with them as long as they are keen to follow.

"They love being with me and never wander off, or get lost," she said.

Elmo, Pixie and Maurice.

Which way in Wales.

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