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The internet world is full of web sites full of cats, and this page is devoted to helping you find them.

The Cats House
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First, a list of links to cat sites you might find amusing. Recommend one, won't you?

Kat's Cat of the Day Giant Sudden Nostril Gallery
Stuff On My Cat Cats That Look Like Hitler
Cute Overload The Amazing Cat Collection
My Cat Hates You Arbuckle
For The Love of Cats Cats In Sinks
Cats Hate Bush Crazy For Kitties
Mean Kitty Spunkyland Studios Interactive Ziggy
Daily Kitten The Cat Odyssey
Pauline Gledhill, cat artiste The Cat Empire The Flo Control Project
Living with allergic humans Make your own Ceiling Cat
How to fold a cat towel How to Make a Cat Bed from an Old Sweater
The VCR cat feeder Sam's Cats (fabuloso cat cartoons)
Lackadaisy Comic Strip How to Tell If Your Cat is Plotting to Kill You. 
Cat House on the Kings GlaiKitty Fyke - A greek-flavored game of cat-fishing
Caboodle Ranch Cat In A Box
Places You Find Cats Cat Talk 101 NEW!

Rhymes With Orange - I not only enjoy reading this wunnerful comic strip but I'm also allowed to write gags for it from time to time. You can see a few cat-related examples of this comic strip here.
Barfield - Garfield was a pretty darned good strip...25 years ago. Nowadays, it's an insult to the word "humor". Barfield is a brilliant satirization but you need to read these strips all the way through.
the pinky show

The Pinky Show - Meet the progressive Pinky and his sidekick Bunny in a thoughtful and entertaining series of animation and editorials.

The Cats House - This web site is a wildly entertaining look at how two inventive cat lovers turned their home into the world's biggest jungle gym for cats.
The Cat Gallery
The Cat Gallery - If you live in the UK (or like paying exhorbitant shipping fees) stop by Peter Hanson's online shop for a lively and unusual assortment of cat-based goodies. - This is Max, a fabulous tabby belonging to Ben & Geri Karlstrom. He's featured on our movies page but he also has a pretty good web site, too, featuring him and his pal Mikey.
Wildly Wonderful Wearables - This site run by a cat-loving friend of mine. It's a massive compendium of almost anything to do with sewing and wearables. She loved the "Catsville" name so much that she developed a brand new wall-hanging called (what else?) "Catsville".
Pets In Pastel - I am dazzled by the exquisitely-detailed animal portraits of Sarah Theophilus. For example, the kitty to your left is Nino. Go browse and tell me I'm wrong. I dares ya!
Fur-Ever Creations

VIP Fibers - You know all that hair your cat magically sheds everywhere? Have you ever considered turning it into a scarf, a sweater, or an overcoat? Well now you can. - Scott Ramsoomair, has a keen artistic eye and a rocking sense of humor. He applies both to a weekly comic that I never miss, and you can start with oun of my favorites here.

Tyberkatz - Peter and Patricia Tyber are an Oregon-based couple who spend their days carving and molding a delightfully whimsical assortment of museum quality cat dolls and figurines. - Devil Cat isthe comic invention of a mad Scotsman named Adrian Keefe. Visit his site to view his hilarious comics and greeting cards. - Clea Simon is an accomplished author of "The Feline Mystique: On the Mysterious Connection Between Women and Cats" a new mystery novel , "Mew is for Murder". - Jay Ferranti is a tremendously talented graphic designer living in Amarillo, Texas. His collage work, this one featuring  a stylized cat are simply delightful. - Looking for unique and humorous cat-themed greeting cards for all occasions? Give our friends at Cat Tricks a visit. - Flo Klein's Stitch 'em Up is a sewing web site that specializes in nutcrackers but it also offers lots of clever cat patterns like Lizzie's Kitties, Los Gatos, and Cat-A-funic.
Infinity Cat - This is a micro label music company started by a pair of young, enterprising music fans who offer an impressive assortment of eclectic music. Don't forget to look for the "Infinity Cow". - This web site offers several videos about practicing yoga with your cat. It's very tongue-in-cheek and very entertaining.
eQuilter - This site has a fantastic assortment of cat-related textiles and fabrics. If you can't find it here, you ain't gonna find it anywhere.

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