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Here's a selection of all the Neko ("Cat" in Japanese) games that I can find. Enjoy!

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Neko Sweeper - 78kb
Sort of a cat Minesweeper
, except each level gets just a bit harder.
Neko Puzzle - 57kb
Definitely a Minesweeper clone, except with cute, little kitties
Guru Guru Neko - 29kb
Race along the circles and collect gems. Jump to avoid the monsters. The usual
Yen-Neko - 25kb
Use you mouse to control the circles to reach your goal. Very clever!
Neko Kiki - 134kb
In short: Extinguish the fuse before it reaches the dynamite
Fura Fura Neko - 89kb
Balance the kitty and collect the gems.
Neko SeeSaw - 74kb
A delicate yet frantic balancing game. More gem collecting involved
The Tower of Neko - 166kb
Climb the stairs, avoid the traps, win the game
XanoNeko Pt 1 - 552kb
Dungeons and Dragons and Kitties. Part One
Xananeko Pt 2 - 789kb
More Dungeons  and Dragons and Kitties.
Neko-Geta - 76kb
Bounce up and down to clooect the gems. Avoid the Mecha-porcupines.
Neko-Don - 55kb
The Attack of the Giant Legos
Neko Ito - 100kb
Draw lines with your mouse that bounce the cat that collects the gems. Very inventive.
Neko Pachi - 94kb
Use your mouse to slingshot the kitty to help him collect the gems.
Neko Vec - 105kb
Draw lines from point to point and collect the keys that wil get you home
Neko Tama - 57kb
Cat Pinball
Neko Balloon - 75kb
Use the fan to blow your kitty to his objective while avoiding all the obstacles.
Kumo Neko - 113kb
It's Tarzan of the Cats!
Hepu Neko - 73kb
Click your mouse to activate the arm when you think it can collect the kitties
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