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While the actual selection of free cat games you'll find below aren't always in the best of taste, the portions are unlimited, so eat hearty! For those of you with more modest home broadband internet connections (you can find faster providers here) I've noted the file-size of each game. So beware the megabyte.

Oh, and to see our fine selection of Neko the Cat games, click here.

cat bowling
Cat Bowling
Is it possible to play a Halloween themed game in April? Ask me again in April.
stack the cats
Stack The Cats
Take Tetris, replace the  geometric thingies with cute little cat heads, whaddaya get
Great Pumpkins
A Halloween variant of "Cat Box" with music and "seasonally-improved" graphics.
Don't Shoot the Fish!
Load up and shoot everything you see... except the fish, 'cause it annoys the cat.
cat baseball
Cat Baseball
Steeee-rike FOUR!  Steee-rike FIVE! Steee-rike SIX! Stee-rike SEVEN!
I pity the fool who don't know who Goldberg was!
castle cat 1
Castle Cat, The Original
With a hat full of cannons and maces our valiant kitty seeks to slay the dragon.
castle cat 2
Castle Cat 2
Kitty is back in colorful Florida, searching for babes and big bucks.
castle cat 3
Castle Cat 3
Our fearsome-hatted kitty returns, bouncing across the desert in search of magic fireflies.
castle cat 4
Castle Cat 4
Yes, he's  back. Quaffing ale and snuffing Germany.
bear and cat
If you like Zuma, you'll love this game.
copy cat
Copy Cat
For the kiddies. Pick which one of the kittens is the clone of the adult cat.
Save The Kittens
Get the
wheelbarrow and scoop up the kittens. Keep those wheels on the line.
Fleabag vs. Mutt
A dog and a cat rain abuse on one another
funny bubbles
Funny Bubbles
Great game!
It's just a demo but you can play the "strategy" version with no problem.
Neko Games
Click here to see our voluminous selection of Neko the cat games.
Cat Box
Cats are notoriously hard to corner, especially this one. I love this game!!!
jumping cat game
Jumpjng Cat
Jumping Cat is on a mission to find fresh fish for his beloved girlfriend.
party pals game
Party Pals
Licorice the cat and Coconut the dog go on a hunt for sweet treats.
cat golf game
Cat With Bow
Fascinating golf-like game using a clever physics engine. Looks primitive, but it's not.
kitty beat box
Kitty BeatBox
Make a little music and keep those dang kids in their place.
Bbori Jewelry game
Bbori Jewelry
Kitty Girl and her kitty pal want all the jewels. Can you help them?


The following games, as my pappy used to say, just ain't right. So if you have any
overwhelming aversion to animated kitty abuse or feline flatulence then by
all means do not play any of the following games and return to the relative safety
and old-world simplicity of the listings above. While I don't endorse any of the
sentiments expressed in the following games I feel it's important to present them
  purely in the interest of free speech and the resultant excesses thereof.

cat bowling
It's a Gas
Ren & Stimpy play a friendly game of "Dutch Oven". The stinkiest little game ever.
cat-a-pult game
Use your sling-shot to, er, um, "liberate" the kitties
. Not for the unusually squeamish.
cat baseball
Fluffy McFluffenstein
Fluffy the kitty likes to mash mice. Come mince meece with this cute mouse masher.
Break the plummeting kitty's fall with your bouncy-pad before they hit the ground.
kitten kannon
Kitten Kannon
Keep repeating to yourself: "These aren't real cats. These aren't real cats..."
Cat Vac
In this game you'll learn that kitties suck...but not like you think.
cat death auto
Cat Death Auto
I don't program these games, so don't blame me.
cat bat
This involves a cat, a bat and...oh, please don't call PETA!

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