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Cat #1474: Clio awarding Greta examining Bud & Dottie...

Clio  the cat

A little about Clio, as one cat lover to another. Clio's 14 years old and lives in Kfar Saba, Israel. She's the sweetest cat I've ever seen and also the gentlest; she never bites and she never scratches. She's a bit of a Velcro kitty because, for some reason, she doesn't always retract her claws whenever she grabs hold of something so often she'll walk around on beds or couches whilst constantly stopping to un-claw herself from the ground. Being a female cat and a Siamese, Clio's extremely verbal around us and will have long "conversations". We can even play pick-a-boo with her; popping our heads from behind a wall or a cupboard and she meows whenever we appear. She's a very demanding attention hog and whenever anyone in the house sits before the computer she'll sit right before the screen, in the middle of it and look at it, then us, to make sure we've noticed her disruption of our computer time. Then she'll sit with her butt and the base of her tail on the wrist of my mouse-holding hand, or sit so that the mouse's tip is facing her chest, with her forepaws at each of the mouse's side, so that I won't be able to move it, while staring at me deep in the eye. In the morning, when the alarm clock rings, she's there three seconds later, to run around my head, meowing into my ear to wake me up.

She's a very loving, very loved cat.

Many thanks,

Update: On 8-23-07, shortly after undergoing surgery to remove a small, cancerous lump, Clio unexpectedly passed away. The Infinite Cat Project offers its deepest condolences.

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