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Cat #1484: Kipper watching Wilma playing Calliope...

Kipper  the cat

Kipper, the beautiful 11 year old Burmese who deigns to live with me, would like to be part of your project. He wasn’t sure to start with, and no amount of cajoling, pointing his head in the right direction or balancing treats on top of the monitor did anything to convince him – then he decided to humour me and look at the cat on the screen, even doing a proper Burmese pose and sticking his chest out.

I have shown my gratitude to him for just this once doing what I wanted – undoubtedly he will make up for it in all the usual ways; trying at every opportunity to sneak upstairs, jumping up on tables, drinking from the toilet, making the frog in the garden squeak, letting his rowdy friends in late at night to eat his food…

Jackie O’Regan

The Infinite Cat Project

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