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To be honest, the world doesn't really NEED another repository of feline video and animations, but what the heck. Enjoy!

Mopsey. My tribute to one fine cat. 1 MB Flash Movie. Music by Art Garfunkel.

Mopsey was 16 years old by the time I met her and even though she was just a grumpy, arthritic ball of badly-groomed fur she captured my heart immediately. When she died at age 20 I gathered all the pictures I could and created this little Flash memorial. She now soars the winds of her endless dream right outside the front door of her mistresses home, warded by the little stone bench you'll see at the end of the tribute. Thank you for watching and sharing our little girl.

TM, a tribute by Brad Goodman. 2.3 MB Quicktime Movie. Music by Tracy Chapman.

Some time ago a visitor to the ICP, Brad Goodman, was so touched by my tripbue to Mopsey (see above) that he made a movie in honor of his own departed furry child, TM, who also sufered renal failure. I think you'll agree it's a very touching lament for what was obviously a beloved kitty. Please note that this video uses the MP4 codec, essentially an MP3 audio track with video, so if you can't see it please upgrade your Quicktime or WMV players.

Shii's Song, by Mr. Anonymous. 884KB Flash movie. Music by Jenny Stagile.

This one's complicated. Y'see, there's a Japanese video game called "Lunar"on which there was a beautiful song called "Wind's Nocturne", originally sung in Japanese. Someone took the American version of the song and animated this wonderful piece to it. The little cat was borrowed from a popular Japanese TV program called CH2, a sort of gathering place for pirate Flash animators.

And it really WAS animated by Mr. Anonymous.

PoozyBall. 1.1MB Quicktime movie.

This one is a personal conceit, but it's my site, so sue me. The black fluffball to your left is Poozy, my little, furry child. She adopted me back in 1999 and showed me that I wasn't as allergic to cats as I thought I was. This footage shows her playing our only game of Poozyball. She figured out real quick that this "throw-it-and-retrieve-it" stuff was strictly for the canine set and she never played it again. You can actually see her figuring this out in her tiny Poozy-head as the game progresses.

Magnificat, by Alok Saldanha. 1.1MB Quicktime movie.

Although I have honest intentions of someday animating the Infinite Cat Project two young men have actually accomplished the feat. This first version is by Alok Saldanha and he tells me the software used in the production was a hand-built bit of Java-coding, which amazed me right down to my toenails. The background music is a choral piece which I beiieve is called the Magnificat. how appropriate.

Cat Zoom, by Brett Levin. 1MB Quicktime movie.

Brett Levin also animated the web site and, having never even seen Alok's version, he went the other direction and movied outward instead of in. What these two movies showed me clearly is that the biggest problem with animating the web site is deciding where to stop...or start.

Cats Don't Dance DVD

Cats Don't Dance...various musical interludes.

Frequent visitors to this site know how I go on about a splendid, though little seen, animated film called "Cats Don't Dance". Well, lucky for you someone uploaded all of the musical numbers to youtube so I'm now able to give you a brief taste of this charming movie.

Moses. Five Quicktime Movies.

Dermot Gunn, who lives in East London, developed an assortment of iMovie videos of his friend's 12-year-old tabby, Moses, and then, as he puts it "stored them in a drawer". Then he found the Infinite Cat Project and thought it would be the perfect venue for them. After seeing these very simple yet very creative videos I very quicky concurred. They are Taxi Cat (697kb), Carpet (443kb), Cat Dance (559kb), Freak (934kb), and 2001 (579kb) .

Cat Hypnotism. 400kB Quicktime movie.

This short clip came from somewhere in Japan and has been shown on america's Funniest home Videos. I've seen it all over the net and decided to host my own copy because that little black kitty, trying desperately, it seems, to conjure his big orange friend into an hypnotic trance, is just...too...CUTE! This is the long version,which shows the aftermath.

The Flying Cat. 852kB Quicktime movie.

Although this kitty was reportedly stuck at the top of a telephone pole for a day and a half he wasn't too keen on being rescued by well-intentioned firemen, so the little guy took to the air in an Olympic-quality leap you have to see to believe.

Cat Meow-sseuse. 363kB Quicktime movie.

I'll bet you wish your cat would do this.

All Paws. 286kB Quicktime movie.

A young woman sends her heartfelt love to her young man fighting overseas but gets absolutely no help from her frisky kitty. Keep your eye on little Fluffy there.

Time-Lapse Davy. By Mark Terasaki. Two Quicktime movies.

Mark Terasaki has a thing for time-lapse photography, so one day he decided to train a camera on the preferred sleeping spot of his cat, Davy, just to see what it looked like. The video (click here) resulted in a quick trip to the vet as it revealed that Davy had a hitherto unknown bad case of fleas. A second video shot shortly afterwards (click here) shows a much more calm kitty in repose. Note the clock ticking off the minutes as the camera grinds.
Sadly, Davy passed has on since this footage was created but he left behind a most revealing video record.

We Got It Going On! 1.5kB Quicktime movie.

The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals developed this cheeky/funny/memorable public service announcement encouraging owners to spay or neuter their kitties.

7 Cats. 949kB Quicktime movie.

This clip may look like something from Sesame Street...and that's exactly what it is! But it's still crazy-cool in that very special "where the air is free" kind of way.

The Great Leap Forward. 175kb Quicktime movie.

I love it when people send me stuff like this. Two young kittens, Sumi and Menoh, exuberantly explore the boundaries of gravity from a convenient ledge to a nearby bed. It's very short and very delightful. Thanks, Justin!

I'm using a new codec on this movie, the MP4 format, and should work well with Quicktime. Please let me know if you have trouble viewing the file.

Max. Two Quicktime movies.

Ben Karlstrom has a great tabby cat named Max and a good eye for the slightly absurd as evidenced in these two home movies. The first is called "Begging" (685kb) which shows that a cat is never too dignified when there's an unfinished basement to explore. The second movie, "Boxing" (388kb) speaks for itself.

Neither of these two movies is of "Alien Vs. Predator Vs. Oprah" quality but as cute kitty movies go, they'll do fine.

Getting a Little Tail. 236kb Quicktime movie.

I discovered this short bit of video of a young cat going wild in a hot tub and having the greatest time chasing its own tail.

Scarlett, the Heroic Mother Cat. 232kb Quicktime movie.

A fire broke out in a Brooklyn, New York building back in 1996. Firefighters on the scene observed a mother cat race in and out of the building five times to retrieve her kittens. By the end, her eyes were reportedly so blistered from the heat that she could only count her babies by their smell. Here is a short video of Scarlett, as she came to be known, and her babies. You can find more about this dedicated mother here.

The Window Washer. 1 MB Quicktime movie.

This is a film clip from an English comedy series called "Smack the Pony" and it's a send-up of foreign commercials with a surprising feline twist.

Kitty TV. 550kb Quicktime movie.

There are companies that develop videos populated with small, helpless woodland creatures specifically intended for the vicarious pleasure of our little furry friends. I've always been skeptical about the true effectiveness of these productions until I saw this. (I have this alarming notion this is what we men look like when we're watching football.)

Love Them Babies! 1 Mb Quicktime movie.

Combine a cat who was weaned too early with a sleeping baby and you get a great big Kodak moment. Everybody say "Awwwwwwwwww!".

Crazy Cat! 674 kb Quicktime movie.

A dog and his cat pal are sharing a quiet moment on the kitchen floor. Suddenly, the cat's "Invisible Killer-Gremlin Radar" goes on full alert. That's weird enough, but it's the dog's classic double-take that tickles me.

"I Wanna Lick You All Over!" 747 kb Quicktime movie.

This little dog really likes this little kitten. I mean REALLY likes this little kitten. I mean really, really, REALLY likes this little kitten. Don't worry, it's G-rated.

Mars Attacks! 530 kb Quicktime movie.

I honestly have NO IDEA what this video is trying to tell us, except that cats are perhaps our best line of defense against alien invasion.

Ecstasy! 2Mb Quicktime movie.

This movie has almost no dramatic content whatsoever, but I love it! This is simply a movie of one cat, Katze by name, who knows what he likes.

Ritalin of the Sphynx! 356kb Quicktime movie.

I've never seen more than one Sphynx cat at a time, and I've never seen a full litter of Sphynx kittens at their rambunctuous best until now. It is a wholly remarkabkle though slightly disturbing sight.

Infinite Cat Idol. 657kb Quicktime movie.

These two kitties seem like they're trying to figure out how to get into the Infinite Cat Project without bothering with all that digital camera nonsense.

Cat CGI. 402kb Quicktime Movie.

It's weird what you stumble onto roaming around this big wide wonderful web. This animation is a demonstration of the use of an unknown CGI program, made most relevant to this site by their use of a 3-D kitty. You'll get a quick peek behind the animation fence of "how they do that".

Asian Fishing Cat video. 376kb Quicktime Movie.

I found this fascinating bit of video highlighting the fishing cat's (yes, that's its name) skills at catching a little fishy dinner. I thought you might enjoy it, too.

Infinite Fun . 28kb Flash movie.

This has absolutely nothing to do with cats but everything to do with recursive visuals. As a Flash programmer, let me say that this is MUCH trickier than it looks and I'm in awe of its simplicity.

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