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"How Do I Get My CatOn the ICP?"

I'll be happy to add your kitty to the ICP but first check out the rules below to get a few good tips on achieving the best Infinite Cat image. Then send your pictures to me.

All submissions become property of The Infinite Cat Project, yadda-yadda-yadda. I hate to add that part but I plan on using the images to help publicize the site and litigation I don't need.

Also, I will keep your emails but I do not use them for nefarious purposes. They'll be used on the very rare occasion that the Infinite Cat needs your attention.

Thanks for sharing and caring!

But first...

I often receive submissions to the Infinite Cat Project that I cannot use. In fact, fully one-third of all cat images sent to me are rejected usually for one of three reasons:

(A) The cat was not looking at the latest cat in the monitor.

(B) The picture was of such low quality that I couldn't use it.

(C) Two little of the cat was showing. (Just the backs of their heads won't do.)

(D) The cat was being physically restrained in from of the monitor. A big no-no.

Tips For Optimizing your Infinite Cat Experience.

(1) First, just in case you missed it, you have to photograph your kitty viewing the most recent addition to the Project found one the home page.

(2) Make the other cats in the image, I.E. the ones in the monitor, almost as prominent as your own cat. The more of both kitties we can see in the picture, the better.

(3) Use the mouse pointer to get your cats attention, or smear some soft cat food (or something equally smelly) on the monitor and snap a picture as they're sniffing around. You might also try downloading and playing some bird sounds or cat sounds. I know these certainly get my cat's attention.

(4) Use lots of environmental lighting as a flash tends to wash out the screen image. Open some windows, light some candles, start a fire, send up a flare. If possible, adjust your digital camera to take indoor pictures.

(5) Fuzzy images are the bane of the ICP and I cannot stress that strongly enough. If the image of your cat, or the ones in the monitor, isn't at least reasonably clear and sharp there's a good chance I'll ask for a re-shoot.

(6) I will automatically reject any image where it appears the cat is being forcibly held in front of the monitor, mostly on the grounds that it's borderline inhumane. The best pictures are of those cats who seem naturally interested in the process. See tip #3, above, for alternative methods in getting Fluffy's attention.

(7) Finally, don't crop or edit the picture. Just send me the raw file and I'll take it from there. Just be sure the image is at least 640 X 480 pixels of resolution and try to imagine it cropped to the limit. Anything smaller can't be used.

The last tip is about composition. The ideal picture would have enough of your cat to give an indication of its personality plus show off the other cats in the monitor as much as possible. The picture below, #1443 in the Project, is among those that meets all these criteria although I urge you all to be as creative as possible. Good luck!
Juno's busting
out all over.

Juno Returns

Very early in the history of the ICP Marc Donnelly submitted a picture of his lovely white cat, Juno. I'm happy to report that the little fellow is still hale and hearty and an updated photo of him, his new computer, and cat #1445, Tonic, have been added to Juno's original page. Thanks, Marc!

I would love to add updated images of existing kitties so if you'd like to take a good photo of your moggie and email it to me I'll be happy to add it to the appropriate page. Thie means any old picture of your lovely moggies, not just one that adheres to the strict doctrines of the ICP. Don't forget to remind me of the number of the cat as we have lots of duplicate names.

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